Our locations

With locations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and the USA, TEXAID has an international presence. The TEXAID head office is located in Switzerland (Schattdorf in the canton of Uri).


TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG, which is based in Schattdorf (Canton of Uri), is TEXAID's parent company. With around 100 employees and a market share of around 60%, the company is the most important textile recycling organisation in Switzerland. TEXAID and its subsidiary CONTEX collect over 32,000 tonnes of used clothes, shoes and home textiles throughout Switzerland each year thanks to a network of more than 6,000 used textile bins all over the country. 


CONTEX specialises in collecting and recycling used clothes, shoes and home textiles. CONTEX has been part of the TEXAID Group since 2011.



TEXAID has operated in Germany since 2009 through TEXAID Deutschland GmbH and since 2012 through TEXAID Collection GmbH. The ReSales Group has also been part of the TEXAID Group since September 2013. With a workforce of around 650 throughout Germany, 50 second-hand shops and Germany's second-largest sorting facility in the city of Apolda in Thuringia, TEXAID is one of the leading textile recycling organisations on the German market.



TEXAID has been present in Austria since 2016 with TEXAID Austria GmbH. This company had previously established itself as a trustworthy and responsible partner for its customers and business partner under the name Austriatex. TEXAID Austria is one of Austria's key companies for the professional collection of used clothes, shoes and home textiles. Its nationwide, service-friendly network of collection bins is constantly being expanded.



The Bulgarian town of Kostinbrod is home to TEXAID Bulgaria Ltd, which has been a TEXAID subsidiary since 2005. Every year, some 100 employees sort over 6,000 tonnes of used textiles in line with numerous quality criteria.



Based in Bélapátfalva in Hungary, TEXAID Hungaria has been a TEXAID subsidiary since 2008. Each year, around 90 employees examine and sort over 4,000 tonnes of used textiles in accordance with numerous quality criteria at the Hungarian sorting and production facility. Textiles that can no longer be worn are made into cleaning cloths.




In line with its sustainable growth strategy, TEXAID has had a branch in the USA since the beginning of 2019. TEXAID cooperates locally with renowned, global brand manufacturers and retailers to work with them to develop needs-based and environmentally friendly recycling solutions for residual waste and online returns.