TEXAID is one of Europe's leading organisations for the ecological collection, sorting and recycling of used textiles. The company employs innovative processes, professional collection logistics and state-of-the-art sorting to always offer its partners and customers high-quality services and products. TEXAID combines economy and ecology to ensure that used textiles are kept in the value-added chain for as long as possible.

We aim to achieve social, ecological and economic sustainability by

  • perceive responsibility towards our shareholders
  • offering high-quality textiles at fair prices
  • supporting the responsible recycling of reusable materials
  • promoting the personal and professional development of our staff


In order to achieve this, we aim to

  • facilitate the responsible disposal of used clothes, shoes and home textiles by operating a network of collection bins
  • create and preserve jobs
  • guarantee fair employment and working conditions
  • take account of social and developmental criteria
  • conserve natural resources
  • inform the public transparently about what we do
  • continuously develop and improve our processes and working practices in all areas