Strong partners

Strong partners are the basis of our success. Many years of trust-based collaboration connect us to the Swiss communities and the grassroots organizations of the aid organizations involved. In Germany too and at our other locations, more and more cities, communities and charity organizations are coming to rely on our competence and experience as textile recyclers.

The professional know-how of TEXAID guarantees the communities optimum recycling, creates valuable jobs and ensures that the associated aid organizations can finance aid projects thanks to a high share of the profits.

Aid organizations involved

Six ZEWO-certified Swiss aid organizations have a half share in TEXAID. Most of the proceeds from the sale of the collected textiles go to:

Logo Swiss Red Cross

The Swiss Red Cross supports greatly disadvantaged people both at home and abroad in the fields of health, search and rescue, social integration, disaster management and development cooperation. It is supported in this by countless volunteers, staff and sponsors. With its five rescue organizations (Samaritans, Rega, SLRG, SMSV, REDOG), 24 canton associations and two institutions, the SRC is anchored in Switzerland in a unique way. Together with 188 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, it is linked into a global network.

Logo Winterhilfe

Winterhilfe was founded in 1936 and its goal is to eliminate poverty in Switzerland. Irrespective of the season, Winterhilfe provides assistance wherever it is not possible to take advantage of public services. More than 16,000 people in Switzerland – most of them the working poor – receive support from Winterhilfe every year in emergency situations. The cantonal Winterhilfe offices pay urgent bills or provide material support in the form of beds, clothes and food coupons. Winterhilfe also provides a support program for children. The TEXAID revenue share that goes to Winterhilfe covers some of the costs of clothing packages to people in need in Switzerland.

Logo Solidar Swiss

Solidar Suisse has been working for a socially, politically and economically fairer society since 1936. In developing and threshold countries, Solidar Suisse has been promoting fair working conditions, democratic participation and the upholding of human rights. When disasters occur, Solidar provides humanitarian aid and supports reconstruction. In these projects, Solidar works closely with civil society organizations. Solidar Suisse employs campaigns to raise the Swiss public's awareness of the global interrelationships between poverty, fair work and consumer behavior.

Logo Caritas

Caritas Switzerland helps people in need both at home and in more than 40 countries throughout the world. The solid network of regional Caritas offices provides concrete help where people are affected by poverty in rich Switzerland: Families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor. Caritas arranges volunteer work. The aid organization looks after asylum-seekers and refugees. Worldwide, Caritas provides emergency aid when disasters occur and facilitates rapid reconstruction. Its development work is a valuable self-help aid in areas such as education, water, ecology, combating hunger and human rights.

Logo Kolping

Kolping Switzerland is an international Catholic social organization. Originally a society of journeymen, it is named after the priest and social reformer Adolph Kolping (1813-1865). Its guiding principle: Recognizing and acting on the needs of the times. Its goal: Creating the foundations and thereby a perspective for long-term effective self-help. Kolpingwerk is represented in 60 countries, and in Switzerland by 86 local groups (Kolping families).

Logo Heks

The Relief Organisation of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland (HEKS) provides emergency humanitarian aid after natural disasters, as well as during or after armed conflicts. Within the context of development cooperation, other priority areas are combating the causes of poverty, hunger and social deprivation in Asia, Africa and Latin America, cooperating with churches and reconstruction assistance in Europe, refugee aid and also helping socially disadvantaged people in Switzerland. HEKS helps people to help themselves, and works out feasible solutions together with the people affected.

Grassroots organizations and charitable partners

TEXAID gets active support in collecting in Switzerland from 16 regional Red Cross offices, over 400 Samaritans' associations, more than 40 Kolping families and numerous other local and national non-profit organizations and associations.

TEXAID and its subsidiary Contex cooperate with different non-profit organizations who get payments from the respective used clothes collections and use these funds for social projects. 

The logo of the respective organization benefiting is displayed prominently on the TEXAID and CONTEX containers and collection bags. This shows which non-profit organizations receive payments from the goods collected.


Communities that work together with TEXAID appreciate:

  • the daily management of the container network by our professional logistics team using low-emission vehicles
  • the optimum emptying cycles and quick reaction times thanks to the computer-supported logistics system that we have developed ourselves
  • the transparent information about the purpose of the clothes collections on every TEXAID container 
  • the jointly developed and optimized collection methods
  • our verifiably ecological and sustainable way of working

Other partners

TEXAID collaborates with various foundations and associations and rewards their services:


These specialist textile companies count on TEXAID for recycling used textiles: