TEXAID ist am 1. Juli 2015 der Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft (GftZ) beigetreten. Die GftZ hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einheitliche Leitlinien für nachhaltiges Textilrecycling zu entwickeln und diese in die Praxis zu übertragen. Die Leitlinien dienen Entscheidungsträgern und Marktteilnehmern als Leitfaden und fachliche Grundlage ihrer Geschäftstätigkeit. Mit der Fertigstellung der Leitlinien, die auch in die Politik einfließen und durch verstärkte Öffentlichkeitsarbeit bekannt gemacht werden, ist bis Ende des Jahres zu rechnen. 

Die GftZ wurde Anfang des Jahres zur Qualitätsoptimierung des Textilrecyclings von führenden Marktteilnehmern ins Leben gerufen. Der nun erfolgte Beitritt vonTEXAID ist ein konsequenter Schritt auf dem Weg in eine zukunftsorientierte Altkleiderverwertung. 

Weitere Informationen zur Gemeinschaft für textile Zukunft gibt es hier.

Code of Conduct

TEXAID has drawn up a Code of Conduct that brings together in a single document the important values and standards that characterize the company. It defines all the important characteristic benchmarks and requirements for ethical business practices and responsible economic activity towards all colleagues, business partners, customers and the public alike.

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TEXAID and Rafael Kouto in the media: 10vor10

In the show 10vor10, SRF reported on the fashion designer Rafael Kouto, who designs his own collections from old TEXAID clothes from that can no longer be worn.

Post in the show 10vor10

A future for teenage mothers and their children in Uganda

TEXAID raises money for charity via the sale of textiles. This money goes towards funding social projects in Switzerland and abroad.

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Texcursion to Schattdorf

TEXAID offered a guided tour of its sorting facility in Schattdorf on 25 October 2018 as part of this year's Textile Sustainability Conference in Milan.

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TEXAID publishes first sustainability report

TEXAID has published its very first sustainability report. This report covers the business activities of TEXAID’s sites in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, and Bulgaria from January 1 to December 31, 2017, and documents the growing focus on sustainability shown by the textile recycling firm.

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TEXAID supports the Samaritans Youth Conference

The first Swiss Samaritans Youth Conference will take place on 15 and 16 September 2018 in Schwarzenburg in the canton of Bern. TEXAID is providing funding for this conference in order to encourage the continued existence and future development of the Samaritans.

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Food and education for children in Angola

Various TEXAID bins in the Fehraltorf region of Switzerland are used to collect second-hand clothing with the aim of supporting the Stiftung JAM Schweiz. By selling these clothes, TEXAID generates funds which go to its six participating aid organisations, as well as to numerous regional organisations. The Stiftung JAM Schweiz, a foundation that provides development aid in Africa, is one such organisation. 

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Non-monetary aid from winterhilfe

TEXAID raises money for charity via the sale of textiles. This money goes towards funding social projects in Switzerland and abroad.

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URstrom posters in Uri Canton

Since 2015, TEXAID has been buying «URstrom» electricity for its premises in Schattdorf. That is 100 percent hydroelectric power from the canton’s power stations. 

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In this year’s summer series, the SRF business journal «Trend» is examining the issue of increasingly large mountains of waste. Last Saturday, July 14th 2018, the focus was on the topic of «fast fashion» and its negative consequences for both humanity and the environment. In this context it also put forward sustainable solution concepts, including those from TEXAID.

SRF article (in German)