April 2018

Circular Economy Mapping Event

As joint organiser of the Circular Economy Mapping Event in Hamburg, TEXAID presented its recycling processes and provided insights into the research prospects associated with textile recycling.

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Sporting activities for people with disabilities

In the Nidwalden region, various TEXAID used-clothing containers collect second-hand clothes, the proceeds of which go towards PluSport Nidwalden. Through the sale of second-hand clothes, TEXAID generates funds which go to its six participating aid agencies, as well as to numerous regional organisations. These include the PluSport Nidwalden association, which works with people with disabilities. 

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TEXAID at the “Climate Breakfast” organised by Swiss Climate

Swiss Climate's 7th “Climate Breakfast” took place in Zurich on 24 April. The subject was Sustainable supply chains – market opportunities of the future? Philipp Stoller, Managing Director of TEXAID Switzerland, gave a speech on the topic of logistics.

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On Monday, 16 April 2018, Radio Life Channel in Pfäffikon (Canton of Schwyz) broadcast an item on TEXAID and why it makes sense to recycle old clothing.

Listen to the extract from the Radio Life Channel programme (in German)


On Sunday, 15 April 2018, 20 Minuten featured a report on the subject of cotton recycling which mentioned the "Texcycle" research project carried out by TEXAID in partnership with Coop and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Read the article on cotton recycling in 20 Minuten (in German)


Meals for underprivileged people in Bürglen (canton of Thurgau)

Some of TEXAID’s second-hand clothes containers are used to benefit ADRA Switzerland, and therefore contain the relief organisation’s logo. TEXAID generates funds through the sale of second-hand clothes. These funds go to its six participating aid agencies, as well as to numerous regional organisations. One such organisation is the Zurich-based humanitarian relief agency ADRA.

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