FOOD PACKAGES FROM Cartons du cœur

In the municipality of Crissier there are some used clothes bins from TEXAID. The money raised through Crissier municipality’s sale of used clothes was transferred to the regional organisation Cartons du Cœur in West Lausanne to support their project.

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First electric vehicle for bin emptying

TEXAID purchases the first electric vehicle for emptying used clothes bins. The MAN eTGE brand vehicle will be in service in the city of Basel from January 2020.

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Tele1 reported on our research project ‘Texcycle’ and the possibilities for high-quality textile recycling. Michael Emmenegger, Head of Corporate Development at TEXAID and Daniel Wehrli, Industrial Designer at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences – Art & Design, provide details about the motives behind and the results of the project.

TV-report from 19.11.2019 (report in German)


TEXAID was awarded the CO2 neutral label again this year at Swiss Climate's Soirée Climatique 2019.

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Radio Neo1 has reported on our 'Texcycle' research project. Michael Emmenegger, Head of Corporate Development at TEXAID, provides information on the possibilities for high-quality textile recycling in the broadcast.

Radio broadcast from 8.11.2019 (in German)

TEXAID and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts research better ways of recycling collected clothing

Over one third of the collected old clothes can be reused as cleaning cloths or reprocessed wool, at best. TEXAID and researchers at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts now want to close the textile cycle further. The ‘Texcycle’ project has shown: Used textiles can be used to produce yarn and fleece for new carpets and insulating materials.

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TEXAID becomes technology partner in the wear2wearTM consortium

wear2wearTM is an industry partnership designed to close the textile cycle. Since the end of October, TEXAID has been involved in the consortium as a technology partner, imparting their expertise in the field of collection and sorting of used textiles.

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TEXAID at the Pusch Procurement Conference

On 29 October 2019, Biel shall play host to the conference “sustainable public procurement: focus circular economy” held by Pusch. TEXAID is also actively involved in the event.

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TEXAID in the media: Radio Couleur 3

In today’s broadcast of “Pony Express” from radio station Colour 3, the Managing Director of TEXAID Switzerland, Philipp Stoller, spoke to us live in the studio in Lausanne about TEXAID and the developments in the used textiles sector.

Broadcast “Pony Express” from 3/10/2019 (French/German)

Geroldswil is delighted with the gold award

In June 2019, TEXAID, in cooperation with Swiss Climate, issued awards to the municipalities for ecological collection of used clothing. The municipality of Geroldswil was very pleased about the gold award and informed its inhabitants in detail with an article in the magazine Gemeindenachrichten [municipal news].

Article in the Geroldswil municipal news (article in German)