Textile recycling as a topical subject for study

In collaboration with the Practical Environmental Protection Foundation (known by its German acronym PUSCH ), TEXAID has compiled a study dossier to teach middle school and high school students about the role played by used clothing in the global use of resources.

Clothes and shoes are being disposed of at an increasingly rapid rate. The things that people no longer like often end up in the TEXAID sack. Some 65 per cent of these textiles are still wearable, and the clothes, shoes and home textiles that remain find a new use as recycling material. If we work on the assumption that 27,000 liters of drinking water are needed to produce one kilo of cotton, the importance of professional recycling becomes clear.

In collaboration with PUSCH, TEXAID has compiled a modular study dossier for middle school and high school students. The textiles cycle is taught in a fun way, with production, consumption and recycling being highlighted.

Teachers and other interested parties can find the study dossier at

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