CHF 7.8 million for charity projects and a further reduction in CO2

TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG has brought its latest financial year to another successful close. The amount of money donated to charitable organisations, the continued reduction in CO2 and the in-creased commitment to research projects and associations are all particular points of pride.

Last year, TEXAID and its subsidiary Contex collected around 36,000 tonnes of old clothing, shoes and house-hold textiles throughout Switzerland. This equates to approximately 140 million items of clothing handed in by members of the public via containers and by means of street and in-store collections. TEXAID ensures that the textiles it collects are used in an environmentally friendly way. Whether they are worn again or made into clean-ing cloths and insulation materials – old clothes are given a new life in the textile loop. This preserves valuable resources and considerably reduces environmental damage. TEXAID generated 7.8 million francs from the sale of wearable old clothing, which it then donated to various charities for a range of projects. Furthermore, TEXAID continued to develop its environmentally friendly corporate culture and reduced CO2 emissions by 35 percent per tonne of old clothing collected with regard to the base measurement year 2013.



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