Circular Economy Mapping Event

As joint organiser of the Circular Economy Mapping Event in Hamburg, TEXAID presented its recycling processes and provided insights into the research prospects associated with textile recycling.

The Circular Economy Mapping Event held in Hamburg on 19 April 2018 was organised by TEXAID in association with the consultancy firm Cirkla Modo, the agency Grüner Hering, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), and the company Tchibo.

CEC Mapping as a global format
The Circular Economy Mapping Event is part of Circular Economy Mapping Week, a global format developed by the Circular Economy Club (CEC) and Circle Economy. The aim of the event, which takes place in more than 70 cities, is to network initiatives and companies active in the field of the circular economy, and to promote the exchange of information.

Circular Economy case studies
During the event, Michael Emmenegger, Head of Corporate Development at TEXAID, described the company's recycling processes and gave an insight into the research prospects associated with textile recycling. He also explained TEXAID's commitment to various research projects. Sarah Herms, Lead Circular Economy at Tchibo, then presented her company’s new rental system for children's and baby clothes, which was introduced a few months ago.

To conclude the event, the 50 or so guests from a wide range of sectors exchanged their views on circular economy strategies and initiatives, as well as examining potential synergies.

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