Code of Conduct

TEXAID has drawn up a Code of Conduct that brings together in a single document the important values and standards that characterize the company. It defines all the important characteristic benchmarks and requirements for ethical business practices and responsible economic activity towards all colleagues, business partners, customers and the public alike.

A digital platform is also being introduced that colleagues can use to put forward suggestions, criticism and reports to an independent body.

As an international company that is also one of Europe’s leading textile recycling organizations, principles such as respect, honesty, integrity and transparency are an integral part of the TEXAID company culture. On this basis, the company commits itself to ethical business practices and lawful conduct all over the world.

Whether managers or trainees, all colleagues are responsible for credibly embodying the values defined in the Code of Conduct and for nurturing them within the framework of a living company culture. The document is therefore a key element of TEXAID’s holistically sustainable company policy. You can find the full Code of Conduct here.

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