Craft workshop for the social and training centre in Romania

TEXAID raises funds for charity by selling textiles. The money goes towards social projects in Switzerland and abroad.

A partnership has been in place with Kolpingfamilie Baar ever since TEXAID started collecting old clothing. The Kolping association used to carry out street collections on behalf of TEXAID. Today, there are around 20 TEXAID containers bearing the Kolping logo in the vicinity of Baar for collections in favour of the local Kolping association. Thanks to the money received, the Kolping association supports a large number of charity projects in Switzerland and abroad. Kolpingfamilie Baar is particularly committed to supporting its partner Kolping association in Romania.

Money raised from TEXAID container collections is now also earmarked for financing a social and training centre in Oituz in the Romanian region of Moldavia.

Further information about the project in Romania and about Kolpingfamilie Baar can be found here.

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