Unique garments from old textiles

In the newly created collection by Rafael Kouto, a fashion designer from Ticino, the focus is on recycling, upcycling, sustainable design, and environmentally responsible production in the fashion industry. TEXAID has provided him with individual old textiles for the project.

Rafael Kouto shares his time between residences in Ticino and in Paris. The influences of both his Italian and his Togolese origins can be seen in his collections. In 2014 he completed a degree in fashion studies in Basel before going on to obtain a Master's degree from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in the summer of 2017. He entitled his final Master's degree project "All the nothing that will remain". His aim was to draw attention to the mass production of clothing and the rapid consumption and disposal of garments. In his collection, Rafael Kouto tackles the creative upcycling of old textiles and other discarded items, transforming them into unique new creations featuring African and western elements. He combines upcycling with haute couture, incorporating print, embroidery and weaving techniques. At the 13th edition of "Mode Suisse" in Zurich, he was given the opportunity to present his collection to the fashion world.

Kouto's objective is to continue to develop creative upcycling techniques using old textiles and other waste materials, and to commence production on a larger scale. In doing so, Kouto gives selected items of old clothing new value, whilst making a statement in favour of a more sustainable production system for textiles.

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