First electric vehicle for bin emptying

TEXAID purchases the first electric vehicle for emptying used clothes bins. The MAN eTGE brand vehicle will be in service in the city of Basel from January 2020.

TEXAID is continually expanding on their sustainability strategy and has set themselves the goal of reducing their consumption of resources. Through diverse measures, TEXAID has been able to cut CO2 emissions down by 44 percent for each tonne of collected used clothing since 2013. These include, for example, purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources and reducing the number of road collection bags.

This current measure, the purchase of the MAN eTGE electric vehicle for bin emptying in the city of Basel, represents another step forward for TEXAID in their commitment to climate-friendly collection of used clothing. After completing some trail collections for experience, a further expansion of the electric fleet is conceivable, especially in densely-populated, urban areas.

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