New collection by Rafael Kouto

The fashion designer from Ticino has recently launched his new collection. Kouto uses various working techniques to create new unique garments (100% remade in Switzerland) from a selection of TEXAID used clothing.

Rafael Kouto's new collection also includes the creative upcycling of used textiles. TEXAID sorts out the used textiles for the designer according to specific criteria and makes them available to him for his fashion collection. Rafael Kouto uses the materials to create unique new creations with African and Western style elements. He has already received the Lotto Sport and Diesel International Talent Support Award this year as well as the Swiss Design Award in the Fashion & Textile category for this work. The collection entitled "Suspended bodies that will never fall" is an extension of the previous collection and has been available at since September 2019. The concept: customers choose a worn garment, which the designer then transforms into a model from the collection. Limited Edition articles can also be purchased.

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