Professional Textile Recycling Creates Jobs

Only professional sorting will turn discarded used clothes into valuable assets. Assets that generate financial means for our six aid organizations, our Samaritan Societies, Kolping Families and many local non-profit organizations and that create and secure 148 steady jobs in Switzerland. Compared to 2012, TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG was able to increase its staff by 28 employees from all Swiss regions (+ 23.5 percent).

At the German subsidiary ReSales – part of the TEXAID group since September 2013 – initial adaptations have also lead to the addition of six new workplaces in the sorting department, the biggest division of the company with roughly 250 employees. Another three will follow next year. The company is located in Thuringia, a region with a weak labor market, where everyone is very pleased with the newly created regular jobs.

TEXAID currently sorts and processes more than two-thirds of the total amount of collected goods in their own plants.

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