REVANT – discard your old clothes whilst shopping

REVANT, the new Inshop Collection System of TEXAID has been launched: As of now, customers can hand in their discarded outfits at Modissa, the renowned fashion house at Bahnhofstrasse 74 in Zurich and its branch in Winterthur and receive a CHF 20.‒ shopping voucher (redeemable with any purchase over CHF 120.‒). As from 4 November, REVANT can also be found at all branches of the Swiss fashion chain SCHILD. SCHILD is also launching a nationwide clothing collection campaign and asking customers to hand in their old clothes. In exchange for each collection bag handed in at the REVANT-Box, SCHILD will donate a CHF 10.‒ voucher (redeemable for any purchase over CHF 50.‒). Here you can read all about REVANT and what it stands for.

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