TEXAID at the “Climate Breakfast” organised by Swiss Climate

Swiss Climate's 7th “Climate Breakfast” took place in Zurich on 24 April. The subject was Sustainable supply chains – market opportunities of the future? Philipp Stoller, Managing Director of TEXAID Switzerland, gave a speech on the topic of logistics.

Supply chains have become more complex and fast-paced as a result of globalisation. Sustainable supply chain management should therefore be part and parcel of any corporate strategy. This not only concerns procurement, but also strategic purchasing and communication, and in fact every aspect of business. Which opportunities and challenges do companies face when establishing a sustainable supply chain? How can they find the right balance between economic efficiency and sustainability?

These issues were discussed with scientific and practical experts at the 2018 Climate Breakfast. Philipp Stoller described the logistics processes implemented at TEXAID and outlined the measures taken to reduce CO2 emissions.

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