TEXAID at the Pusch Procurement Conference

On 29 October 2019, Biel shall play host to the conference “sustainable public procurement: focus circular economy” held by Pusch. TEXAID is also actively involved in the event.

Meeting the global sustainability targets requires more than simply optimising what is already there – new approaches are needed. The circular economy is one such an approach. With an annual procurement volume of CHF 40 billion, the public sector has enormous potential to increase the demand for closed loop products and services, as well as promote their development. This year's procurement conference will focus on the question of how to exploit existing potential. Examples from Switzerland and neighbouring countries illustrate how a procurement system based on circular economics can generate ecological added value and reduce costs.

Together with experts, the participants can discuss the possibilities for promoting products and services in keeping with a circular economy. Anna Pehrsson, Recycling Solutions Specialist at TEXAID, will give an input presentation on the subject of used textiles and challenges in relation to the circular economy.

Programme and registration

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