Once again TEXAID, in collaboration with Swiss Climate, has issued the distinction for the ecological collection of used clothing to the communities.

Whether in the procurement of office furniture, contracting for cleaning work or in the decision as to which organisation the used clothing permit will go to, the procurement function of the communities is ever more strongly orientated towards quality and sustainability criteria.

At TEXAID, the work processes for the collection, sorting and recycling of used clothing are performed with the smallest possible quantity of CO2 emissions. Thanks to targeted measures, TEXAID has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30 per cent per tonne of used clothing collected since 2013.

The ranking of the distinctions (gold, silver, bronze) takes place based on the calculation of the CO2 emissions saved by TEXAID in relation to the quantity of used clothing collected in the community. The objective of the distinction is to highlight to the communities that sustainable used textile management relieves the burden on the environment. Issuing the permit for the textile recycling taking sustainability criteria into account is worth it.

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