TEXAID joins Mistra Future Fashion

TEXAID has joined the Swedish research programme Mistra Future Fashion. The company wants to contribute its expertise in environmentally friendly collection, sorting and use of textiles and assist in the further development of textile recycling methods. Along with sharing its knowledge, TEXAID will supply used textiles that will serve as basic materials for research.

A shared vision: closing the loop
TEXAID and Mistra Future Fashion share a common aim of closing the textile cycle and making the global textile industry more sustainable. ‘The complete reprocessing of used textiles would make a significant contribution towards conserving natural resources and reducing environmental damage,’ says Martin Böschen, CEO of the TEXAID Group. Spurred on by its vision of a closed loop, TEXAID is constantly striving to optimise its working processes and quality standards, with the aim of keeping used clothing, shoes and household textiles in a closed cycle of reusability. By joining Mistra Future Fashion, TEXAID underlines its commitment to the further development of textile recycling methods.

Raw material for research
TEXAID will provide the research programme with both its expertise and with used textiles as basic materials. This facilitates an effective connection with today’s textile market. ‘Having access to the wealth of experience and raw materials of one of Europe’s leading organisations in the field of used textile recycling allows our research to take on a holistic perspective,’ says Hanna de la Motte, re-searcher and Head of Recycling at Mistra Future Fashion.

About Mistra Future Fashion:
Mistra Future Fashion was founded in 2011 by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA) and is a cross-disciplinary research programme that envisages achieving a closed loop in the fashion and textile industry, while also seeking to promote sustainable consumption. Over 40 research and industry partners are now participating in the programme.

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