TEXAID publishes first sustainability report

With this sustainability report, which has been drawn up in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we are able to provide our stakeholders – as well as interested members of the public – with a transparent and comprehensive look at the work processes, measures, and developments that are helping us to create a completely sustainable business.

The sustainability report is mainly intended for the Group’s employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and political and social decision-makers, as well as any other stakeholders who are interested in TEXAID and its longterm development.

Identifying key issues via stakeholder analysis
TEXAID has performed a materiality assessment to identify key issues. Internal workshops, external surveys, and joint projects with the consulting firm Swiss Climate AG have helped to pinpoint the topics that carry the most weight for TEXAID and its stakeholders in all three areas of sustainability.

Based on the findings, the report summarizes the main objectives, strategies, areas of action, and measures of TEXAID’s sustainability management plan. These include employee development, occupational health and safety, energy and resource efficiency, climate and environmental management, social commitment, and increased research and association work. In addition, current strengths and weaknesses are recorded and appropriate measures defined to continually question and optimize the company’s sustainability strategy.

The sustainability report places special emphasis on the Group’s business activities in Switzerland and Germany, taking into account the corresponding indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). TEXAID plans to gradually include its other sites in future reports, using the relevant GRI indicators to evaluate their activities. 

The sustainability report can be downloaded here.

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