TEXAID sponsors ECAP

TEXAID has become a sponsoring member of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP).

The goal of the EU-funded project is to reduce and recycle the large quantities of garment waste in Europe. To achieve this goal, a pan-European framework has been developed to establish measures which will limit the amount of low-grade textiles that are incinerated.

ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan), which deals with the sustainability of clothing, is the first project of its kind to be funded by the EU as part of its LIFE programme. ECAP’s overall scope encompasses sustainable design, production, consumption, public procurement, collection and recycling (all the way to reprocessing). The project examines the garment supply chain to above all find ways to reduce waste and recycle used clothes in an efficient manner.

Retailers, brands, suppliers, public organisations, recycling organisations and charities are urged to adopt a target-oriented action plan for clothing, backed by a campaign calling for a change in consumer behaviour.

ECAP encourages transparency and publishes research findings, case studies and recommendations on its website to help the textile industry make strides in the area of sustainability. The project, which was launched in September 2015, will run until March 2019.

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