Professional Collection

Together with our subsidiary company CONTEX AG in Switzerland and TEXAID Collection GmbH in Germany, we collect around 80,000 tonnes of used textiles every year, approximately half of it in Switzerland.

Container Collection


Underground Collection


In-Shp Collection


Street Collection


When collecting, sorting and recycling textiles, TEXAID and its subsidiary companies pay strict attention to ensuring that ecological standards and laws are fully complied with.

Used textiles are collected in containers, through street collections and via our in-shop collection system at selected clothes stores. With our extensive presence, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to dispose of your used clothes in a sustainable way. Put your discarded clothes, shoes and home textiles into a tear-resistant plastic sack and tie it securely closed.

We collect:

  • Clean women's, men's and children's clothes
  • Leather clothing and furs
  • Clean, still wearable shoes (bundled in pairs)
  • Clean table, bed and household linen
  • Clean underwear and socks
  • Belts and bags
  • Down quilts and cushions

We do not collect:

  • Non-textile materials
  • Heavily soiled clothes or home textiles
  • Textile waste, textile off-cuts
  • Mattresses, seat cushions, carpets, insulating materials
  • Ski boots, ice skates, inline skates