Underground Collection

Space-saving underground bins that offer a clean and aesthetic solution to dealing with waste materials are being increasingly used in densely populated municipalities and cities.

As an innovative company that advocates ecologically and economically sustainable used clothes collection, TEXAID has developed an underground collection solution for valuable used textiles.

TEXAID underground bins are installed so that only the throw-in column is visible at the surface. The low height of the column allows the used clothes bags to be deposited comfortably and therefore easily.
The column principle saves space and at the same time allows the bins to be harmoniously integrated into the townscape. The collection volume is increased because underground storage provides more space. This means that fewer trips to disposal facilities are required than is the case with standard containers.

The underground solution for used textiles can be flexibly installed in most concrete elements. Interested local authorities with vacant shafts can get in touch with us by using the contact form.

Advantages of underground textile bins:

  • Easy-to-use and safe hatch
  • Harmonious integration into the townscape
  • Large collection within a visibly small space
  • Textiles can be disposed of there at any time
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Underground Collection


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