Left-over stock

Our aim is to keep used textiles completely in the textile cycle so that natural resources can be preserved and environmental damage reduced. TEXAID collects, sorts and recycles your left-over stock, remnants and other textile waste in order to obtain raw materials for new uses. Find out here how you too can use your left-over stock in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and economically responsible way:

What should I do with left-over stock and remnants?

Left-over stock and production waste are common in both retail and production. Such items are normally sold on to dealers in surplus items or outlets, or are incinerated. A large number of laws and regulations govern the disposal of textile waste and the resale of high-quality left-over stock right down to the last detail.
To comply with these professional standards, manufacturers and retailers should rely on experienced textile recycling specialists and take advantage of their skills and experience. This guarantees solutions that are sustainable from both an ecological and an economic perspective.


As a company specialising in end-of-life and sustainability solutions, TEXAID will analyse your left-over stock following sorting. In accordance with the principle of  'used textiles – raw materials for new uses', where possible this involves recycling textile waste and goods that cannot be sold on and keeping them in the textile cycle as raw materials or new products.
Worth knowing: TEXAID can utilise high-quality goods all over the world, which means that there is no additional competition for retailers and manufacturers on their own market (IP Protection Solution).