Even working clothes should be worn for as long as possible to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment. Once they have reached the end of their wearing period, these textiles can also be recycled by TEXAID in an environmentally friendly manner.

Specific requirements for recycling working clothes
Working clothes often feature a logo or lettering. To prevent textiles with printed logos from being misused, they must be rendered unidentifiable.

Processing into cleaning cloths or insulating materials
Depending on the fibre composition, TEXAID can process these items of clothing into cleaning cloths or insulating materials. This keeps the products in use in the textile cycle in industry for longer. Downcycling (recycling into a product of lower quality) generates ecological added value in comparison with thermal recycling.

This ecologically sound service is provided by TEXAID for a fee, and can be adapted to suit specific needs on request. The Recycling Solutions Team from TEXAID is open to pilot project suggestions and would be happy to advise anyone interested in a closed-loop solution.