The Blaues Kreuz is committed to a world in which alcohol consumption does not cause suffering. It helps addicted people, supports their relatives and promotes an addiction-free society. The payments received by the Blaues Kreuz from TEXAID are used to co-finance services in the areas of counselling, integration and prevention.

TEXAID and the Blaues Kreuz
The Blaues Kreuz hands over clothes that could not be sold in their second-hand shops to TEXAID for sensible recycling. In return, TEXAID pays the Blaues Kreuz financial compensation to support its projects. The Blaues Kreuz treats addicts with respect and helps them free themselves from their addiction. With ten regional organisations, the Blaues Kreuz has a dense network of contact points for people seeking help, including 18 advice centres and one in-patient facility. The Blaues Kreuz is also active in the field of prevention. For example, with the time:out programme it supports people of all ages in ensuring that stimulants do not become addictive substances.

time:out campaign
The time:out campaign challenges the participants to refrain from a certain stimulant or unhealthy behaviour for a few weeks. Small addictions and superfluous habits are uncovered and questioned by examining one's own habits. This can lead to more freedom and independence, improved health and a better quality of life. The campaign takes place during Lent and in January after the holidays or can be carried out by schools, sports clubs or other groups at any time. "time:out" can be easily integrated into school lessons. Its playful approach invites you to examine your own consumption habits and behavioural patterns – and to exchange information about them in a group. The participants themselves decide what they want to do without, for example, alcohol, chocolate, computer games, WhatsApp or any other annoying habit. The teaching material is based on the Curriculum 21 learning objectives and is spread over ten lessons in six months.

You can find more information about the campaign and other services offered by the Blaues Kreuz here.

March 2020