FOOD PACKAGES FROM Cartons du cœur

The charity organisation Cartons du cœur is committed to helping people in need in West Lausanne. The main goal is to provide food to those living in difficult situations. Cartons du cœur is also able to cover some of its expenses thanks to the municipality of Crissier, which provided the funds generated from TEXAID’s used clothes collections.

TEXAID and Cartons du cœur
In the municipality of Crissier there are some used clothes bins from TEXAID. The money raised through Crissier municipality’s sale of used clothes was transferred to the regional organisation Cartons du Cœur in West Lausanne to support their project. The charity organisation, which only exists thanks to the help of countless volunteers, offers food to people in need in West Lausanne.

Packages with long-life goods, as well as fresh produce
The volunteers from Cartons du cœur collect durable foods once a month from various grocery shops in West Lausanne. This includes, for example, rice, pasta, chocolate, cereals, oil, coffee or tea. The volunteers also put fresh food items, such as, for example, vegetables, fruit and eggs, as well as hygiene items, which are financed by private donations or the municipalities, into the packages. In 2018, thanks to the municipality of Crissier among others, they were able to buy fresh food. The food packages are designed to last a month and will be provided to people or families in need as targeted assistance free of charge.

No fuss to order

In order to request a food package, those seeking help can leave a message on the answering phone of Cartons du cœur. If there is still availability, Cartons du cœur will call back and inform them of the collection date. Then the package may be collected on the agreed date from a warehouse in Crissier. Each person may request three such packages per year. If food aid is made use of in three consecutive years, it must be waived for one year thereafter.

Find more information on Cartons du cœur in West Lausanne here.

December 2019