Craft workshop for the social and training centre in Romania

The Romanian national Kolping association was able to build a social and training centre for children and young people in the municipality of Oituz in the Romanian region of Moldavia last year thanks to a large number of donations, including some from Kolpingfamilie Baar. There are now plans to expand the centre to include a workshop, a playground and a greenhouse for growing vegetables. This new project will also be financed partly from the money received by Kolpingfamilie Baar from TEXAID.

TEXAID and Kolpingfamilie Baar
A partnership has been in place between the textile recycler and Kolpingfamilie Baar ever since TEXAID started collecting old clothing. The Kolping association used to carry out street collections on behalf of TEXAID. Today, there are around 20 TEXAID containers bearing the Kolping logo in the vicinity of Baar for collections in favour of the local Kolping association. Thanks to the money received, the Kolping association supports a large number of charity projects in Switzerland and abroad. Kolpingfamilie Baar is particularly committed to supporting its partner Kolping association in Romania.

Social and training centre
Until now, there were virtually no learning or training opportunities outside of schools in the Romanian region of Moldavia. Many children live with their grandparents or other relatives, as their parents often work abroad to earn enough to feed their families. A year ago, a social and training centre was set up in the municipality of Oituz thanks to a large number of donations from Kolping members and private donators. The centre also represents a place of refuge for children living in difficult conditions. It is a place where children and young people can come for a hot meal or help with their homework. In the evening after school, they can be looked after until 5 pm if necessary.

Expansion of the centre
Kolping Romania has purchased the neighbouring land in order to expand the services offered by the centre. There are now plans to add a workshop, a playground and a greenhouse for growing vegetables, again with the help of donations from Kolpingfamilie Baar received via TEXAID container collections. Courses and workshops for schoolchildren will be held in the workshop in future. Participants will be able to familiarise themselves with a range of different professions or be supervised on craft projects using natural and recycled materials, for example. A grassy area will also be set aside for a playground, a sandpit and a small stage for events. A small vegetable garden, a henhouse and a greenhouse will complete the educational facilities available.

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November 2017