The Eingliederungsstätte Baselland (ESB) serves people with disabilities and is committed to helping them develop their potential and live and work as independently as possible. Thanks to contracts, such as those with TEXAID, the ESB can also offer special jobs for people with disabilities.

TEXAID and the ESB
There are several TEXAID bins in the Baselland region, which the population uses a lot and therefore have to be emptied regularly. TEXAID has awarded the emptying contract for the used clothes bins in the municipality of Reinach to the ESB. As a result, people with disabilities can pursue sheltered employment. They can move around outside and work in a small team that is ideal for them. In total, the ESB can provide meaningful, productive and creative work opportunities for around 480 people with disabilities.

Comprehensive range of services
The ESB, a foundation by insieme Baselland, offers a range of services that is as varied as the people it serves. In addition to offering sheltered employment, the foundation also provides various forms of housing with around 100 places to live. The ESB workshops with their own added value carefully and punctually handle orders from around 300 different administrations and companies, from small SMEs to large international corporations.

Thanks to ESB, young people who are supported by the disability insurance scheme are given the opportunity to complete training that matches their preferences and abilities. During their training, the apprentices can either live in ESB's sheltered housing for young adults or attend the training from home. In the sheltered housing, the young adults are prepared to cope with everyday life as independently as possible.

Participation in cultural life

The ESB also supports the cultural sector with various formats, in which it promotes a good and healthy quality of life. As a result, people with disabilities can participate in cultural and social life. For example, with the "artESB" art exhibition it has created a platform for cultural workers with and without disabilities. This mixing is a special feature of this exhibition and takes place annually.

You can find more information about the ESB and its services here.

August 2020