«Journey towards life» - Help for sick children

Children in need, most of whom suffer from heart defects, are brought to Europe to be operated on by specialists. This is a service provided by the children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes, co-financed thanks to the collaboration of TEXAID and SCHILD.

Collaboration: TEXAID and SCHILD
For four years the fashion company SCHILD, in collaboration with TEXAID, has been providing a convenient option for handing in used textiles in its fashion stores Customers can gather up their used clothes at home, put them in a bag and drop them in the TEXAID recycling box while shopping. TEXAID makes a financial contribution per kilogram for the textiles left in the recycling boxes at SCHILD. The fashion company donates this money as a charitable contribution to the Terre des Hommes children's aid project «Journey towards life».

Help for sick children
The «Journey towards life» project enables sick children in countries with a poor medical infrastructure to have an operation in Europe. Since the start of this specialised care program in 1963, Terre des Hommes has helped to give 13,000 children a brighter future. This year too, over 200 children were able to receive treatment in Europe. After their operation, the children return to their families where local partners provide follow-up care to that they remain in good health. For more information about the project, go here.

A second lease of life for used clothes
SCHILD passes on the collected textiles to TEXAID for ecological recycling. Whether for wearing again or for turning into cleaning cloths and insulating materials – at TEXAID used clothes get a second lease of life. This enables valuable resources to be conserved and the environmental impact to be significantly reduced. Most of the proceeds generated benefit charitable organizations (2015: 6.2 million CHF). In this case, Terre des Hommes profits from the collaboration between SCHILD and TEXAID. For other examples of charitable projects that are co-financed by TEXAID’s textile recycling, go here.

March 2017