Meals for people in need

The “Meals that make a difference” project has been a fixture in the town of Bürglen (Canton of Thurgau) since October 2015. ADRA Switzerland volunteers work alongside community outreach workers to assist underprivileged people with food deliveries and personal counselling.

Some of TEXAID’s second-hand clothes containers are used to benefit ADRA Switzerland, and therefore contain the relief organisation’s logo. TEXAID generates funds through the sale of second-hand clothes. These funds go to its six participating aid agencies, as well as to numerous regional organisations. One such organisation is the Zurich-based humanitarian relief agency ADRA. ADRA supports projects which take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of underprivileged citizens. It understands development cooperation as a process of integration that first gets to the root causes of poverty, and then helps individuals regain control of their lives. The “Meals that make a difference" project in Bürglen (Canton of Thurgau) is partly financed by contributions from TEXAID.

Meals and personal counselling
The “Meals that make a difference” centre is open daily, and offers free fresh and non-perishable foods to the region’s underprivileged. Home deliveries can also be arranged, if necessary. Some of the project’s beneficiaries are also volunteers, and deliver food directly to the homes of people in need. These meals are intended to help reduce household expenses, but should not be seen as a long-term solution. Many refugees are also grateful for the assistance. Every Wednesday evening, a German language class is held at the centre. There is even a counselling room on the premises, where people in need can receive competent advice for difficult life circumstances.

Assistance for people in need
Those eligible to benefit from the project include single people on low incomes, welfare recipients, families living near the poverty line and people who have fallen into debt due to illness, unemployment or hardship.

The goal of the “Meals that make a difference” project is to improve the living conditions of people who find themselves in emergency situations. Learn more about ADRA and the project here.

April 2018