The Stiftung JAM Schweiz (Swiss Joint Aid Management Foundation) is a Christian humanitarian development organisation that aims to help Africa develop into an economically sound and self-reliant region. One branch of its development aid is focused on nutrition in schools. The foundation provides food for children in schools in rural Angola. In many cases, the provision of school meals is the main reason why parents send their children to school. JAM therefore also facilitates access to education.

TEXAID and the Stiftung JAM Schweiz
Various TEXAID bins in the Fehraltorf region of Switzerland are used to collect second-hand clothing with the aim of supporting the Stiftung JAM Schweiz. By selling these clothes, TEXAID generates funds which go to its six participating aid organisations, as well as to numerous regional organisations. The Stiftung JAM Schweiz, which provides development aid in Africa, is one such organisation. The funding from TEXAID will go towards the school nutrition project in Angola.

Undernutrition and malnutrition among schoolchildren
30 per cent of Angola’s population is chronically malnourished, with children affected particularly. In addition, a million children still have no access to education. The country’s infant mortality rate (for children under 5 years old) is one of the highest in the world, at 157 deaths per 1,000 births. The cause of most deaths is undernutrition or malnutrition. The Stiftung JAM Schweiz is therefore committed to feeding schoolchildren, with the goal of combating hunger and promoting education at school.

The red JAM bowl transforms hunger into hope
The symbol of the Stiftung JAM Schweiz is the red JAM bowl. Filled with nutritious soya bean porridge and enriched with vitamins and minerals, it turns children’s hunger into hope. This meal covers 75 per cent of a child's nutritional needs and is the highlight of the school day. The porridge is made in Africa at JAM’s own factory in Mozambique and distributed by local workers.

Learn more about the school nutrition project run by the Stiftung JAM Schweiz here.

September 2018