The Youth Red Cross (YRC) is an organisation within the Zurich Red Cross. It makes a valuable contribution to peaceful coexistence. Young adults in the Canton of Zurich’s YRC are involved in helping people in difficult life situations. Amongst other things, they organise holiday weeks for disadvantaged children.

TEXAID and the Swiss Red Cross Canton of Zurich
The Canton of Zurich has several TEXAID used clothing containers that collect items on behalf of the Swiss Red Cross in the Canton of Zurich. By selling these clothes, TEXAID generates funds which go to its six participating aid agencies, as well as to numerous regional organisations. This also includes the Swiss Red Cross in the Canton of Zurich. TEXAID's proceeds are used to co-finance various projects. For example, the youth organisation of the Swiss Red Cross in the Canton of Zurich organises holiday weeks for disadvantaged children.

Youth Red Cross Canton Zurich
At the YRC, young volunteers are given an insight into the life of people from other backgrounds. The exchanges during social activities promote mutual tolerance and solidarity. The volunteers take on responsibilities and make it easier for young and older people in difficult life situations to participate in society. The activities of the YRC are very diverse: Play and handicraft afternoons for children of asylum seekers, support for pupils with limited knowledge of German, visits to an old people’s centre or to the hostel for the blind and holiday weeks for disadvantaged children.

An eventful holiday week
The “Sports and cooking” holiday week is a welcome alternative for children and young people who cannot go on holiday (for financial reasons, for instance) or have no access to leisure or holiday activities. We offer varied holidays at home with fun cooking activities and lots of physical exercise. The holiday week starts off in a meeting room where children, young people and young volunteers from different cultural backgrounds can meet and exchange ideas.

You can find out more about YRC Canton of Zurich here.

December 2018