Great transparency is also part of sustainable company management. TEXAID therefore places great importance on open and clear communication within the company in order to provide information about working methods and backgrounds. By doing this we contribute towards increasing social awareness of the subject of textile recycling and can thereby increase the proportion of textile raw materials put back into circulation via the collecting systems. This is achieved by the following measures in particular:

  • TEXAID is a founder member of the  Swiss Recycling Association, which advises communities about separate collection, informs the public about the correct way to collect and recycle reusable materials and does educational work with schools.

  • Six renowned Swiss aid organizations are stakeholders in TEXAID, and as well as lending their names to it are actively involved in its operative business. As stakeholders in TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG, they share the business risk and for their part promote the sustainable and transparent corporate structure of TEXAID.

  • Through numerous  certifications and memberships of organizations that work towards greater sustainability and transparency in the textiles industry, TEXAID continues to develop its corporate structure and actively helps to shape the development of sustainable textile recycling.

  • TEXAID puts easily understandable pictograms on its used clothes containers that show which clean items are suitable for textile recycling. The container labeling provides information about the partners behind TEXAID and about what happens to the disposed-of clothes, shoes and home textiles. Service numbers and contact data complete the information.

  • TEXAID engages in active dialog with the press, the public, politicians and numerous national and international organizations.

  • Working together with the Swiss Practical Environmental Protection Foundation (PUSCH), TEXAID makes children, adolescents and adults more aware of the topic of textile recycling. Jointly developed teaching material is used for environmental education in Swiss schools.