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TEXAID – the No. 1 in Textile Recycling

Welcome to the website of TEXAID, the leading organization for collecting, sorting and recycling used textiles in Switzerland. We appreciate your interest and will gladly provide you with information about our company. Just click on the individual menu items.

Under <Clothes Disposal> we name the locations of our containers and announce the dates of the next street collections. <Textile Recycling> gives you insight into what happens to your goods after collecting. Read under <Sustainable Acting>, why it is reasonable to further use or recycle used textiles. Information on who supports us in our work can be found under <Our Partners>. <TEXAID Switzerland> informs you about the history of our company, while we keep you up to date on all important issues under <News>. If you have questions, you will possibly find the answer under the menu item <Things to Know>. Or you click on <Contact> and send us an e-mail.

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